Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Okay, for those of you joining here allow me to state the following disclaimer.

I am in NO WAY qualified to give you medical advice. THIS program I am following is recommended by MY PERSONAL DOCTOR for ME. Should you choose to do what I am doing, I HIGHLY recommend, in fact, I INSIST that you consult a physician, preferrably a D.O. (same as an MD with more emphasis on natural medicine and the entire body) BEFORE beginning ANY of this.

I will be following my physician's program and sharing my path to wellness with all of you. I promise, as my end of the bargain, to report each and every thing I do honestly and openly including the results, how I feel, and other important parts of this process. You, dear reader, by reading ANYTHING posted on this blog agree to follow the above disclaimer if you choose to follow this path and get yourself cleared before you embark on MY path, or any path, to wellness.

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